Safety Guidelines for Operating Cherry Pickers

Safety Guidelines for Operating Cherry Pickers 1

The Importance of Safety Guidelines for Cherry Pickers

Cherry pickers are a useful piece of equipment for reaching heights that would otherwise be impossible or unsafe. However, they can also be incredibly dangerous if proper safety guidelines are not followed. It is the responsibility of anyone operating a cherry picker to follow specific safety guidelines to prevent accidents.

Pre-Operation Safety Check

Prior to operating the cherry picker, it is essential to conduct a pre-operation safety check. This involves checking the cherry picker’s condition, including the controls, wheels, outriggers, and electrical components. It is essential to confirm that the cherry picker has received a pre-operation inspection and is fit for use. Expand your understanding of the subject by visiting this external website we’ve handpicked for you., obtain a fuller understanding of the subject addressed.

Safe Operation of Cherry Pickers

It is crucial to ensure that the cherry picker is on level ground and the brakes are set before operation. The operator should be positioned inside the basket with their safety harness on and securely fastened to the anchor point. The basket should be raised and lowered vertically only and avoid any lateral swaying or bouncing. Safe use of cherry pickers means that the platform should not be overloaded, and all personnel should remain inside the basket and not operate any other equipment or tools from outside the platform.

Using Cherry Pickers in Elevated Positions

Cherry pickers can reach extreme heights. As a result, the possibility of an accident occurring from an elevated position is much higher. When using cherry pickers in elevated positions, it is essential to conduct a site risk assessment. Everyone involved must have a clear understanding of bio-hazardous materials, high voltage cables, and power lines, as well as having fall prevention safety equipment such as fall arrest devices.

Maintenance and Storage

As with any piece of equipment or machinery, cherry pickers require proper maintenance and storage. Regular checks and maintenance must prevent accidents caused by faults or defects. The cherry picker should be cleaned thoroughly before and after operation. Storing the cherry picker correctly will help to protect it against environmental damages such as wind damage and exposure to extreme temperatures, as well as preventing it from being stolen. Access this external content to delve deeper into the subject., expand your knowledge on the topic covered.


The safety guidelines outlined in this article are merely an overview of what is required. If you are operating a cherry picker or any other type of heavy machinery, you should receive specialized training and certification. Remember, whenever you are about to operate the cherry picker, take a few moments to check that all safety procedures are in place as prevention is the best option to prevent accidents.

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Safety Guidelines for Operating Cherry Pickers 2

Safety Guidelines for Operating Cherry Pickers
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