Creating Comic Book Layouts Using Procreate

Creating Comic Book Layouts Using Procreate 1

The Art of Comic Book Layouts

Comic books are a magical world of storytelling that can bring fictional heroes to life, allowing readers to escape reality and be immersed in a new world. However, behind every great comic story is a skillful layout that effectively communicates the narrative. Creating a comic book layout is quite an art, and an important step in producing a quality comic. The good news is that digital illustration tools like Procreate have made comic book layouts easier than ever to create. Eager to learn more about the topic?, reveal supplementary and worthwhile details that will enhance your comprehension of the subject covered.

Creating Comic Book Layouts Using Procreate 2

Getting Started with Procreate

First things first, you will need to purchase and download Procreate to your digital device. Once downloaded, familiarize yourself with the interface. To create a new comic book layout, start by opening a new canvas on Procreate, and begin with rough sketches and ideas before moving on to the details.

Starting Your Sketches

A comic book layout comprises several panels that include background information, dialogues, and action sequences. Begin your sketch first by defining the stories that you want to tell within each panel. Procreate has a ‘sketching’ feature that mimics drawing with pen or pencil, making it a great starting point. Use the iPad’s or iPhone’s stylus to sketch these rough ideas.

Adding Details

Once you have a rough idea of the layout, it is time to add more details. Here is where Procreate’s advanced features come in handy. Use Procreate’s ‘ink brush’ to add fine details and line work to the sketches. Change the brush’s size and pressure to add depth and shading as needed.


After adding details, the next step is adding color. Use Procreate’s color palette to choose the right colors that best represent the characters and environment. Use the ‘fill bucket’ to give colors to the basic shapes you drew to define your characters. You can also use the ‘brush tool’ to add detailed color work. Be creative, but make sure the colors work well together to avoid distorting the story’s mood.

Adding Final Touches

Once colors are added, go over the layout to ensure everything works seamlessly together. Make any necessary final touch-ups like adding shadows to characters and adjusting lighting. Play around with different effects and filters to see what works best. Also, use Procreate’s layer feature to separate the elements on different layers, for instance, characters on one layer and backgrounds on another, making it easier to correct mistakes and make final adjustments. We’re always striving to provide a complete learning experience. Visit this handpicked external website and uncover more details about the subject.


Creativity is essential to creating an excellent comic book layout. Digital illustration tools like Procreate have made the comic book layout process easier and more effective. It’s a fun exercise to try out this process at-home, and it could be a great way to engage with your inner artist while enjoying a different form of storytelling.

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Creating Comic Book Layouts Using Procreate
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