Famous Casino Scandals and Controversies

Famous Casino Scandals and Controversies 1

The Big Casino Scandal of 1919

The American casino business has always been prone to scandals and controversies. In 1919, the biggest gambling scandal in history took place in Chicago. Along with politics and bootlegging, casinos were a significant source of income for the underworld of America. However, when numerous stakeholders in many of the established casinos in the city were robbed, a complete investigation led to the arrest of a large number of people linked to the gambling industry, including judges, police officers, and casino owners. It is believed that the total value of the stolen loot was worth around $2 million, equivalent to $27 million in today’s value.

London’s Ritz Casino Scandal

One of the luxurious casinos in the world, The Ritz Club in London, was shaken by scandals in 2013. In this scandal, one of the croupiers employed at the casino was found to have stolen chips worth £17,500 ($23,000). The croupier, who had gotten away with stealing chips many times before, was caught stealing chips on a camera, and the footage was shared with the authorities. He was prosecuted and sentenced to sixteen months in prison. This incident illustrates the need for close monitoring and monitoring measures in the casino’s security arrangements.

The ‘Strippergate’ Scandal

One of the biggest scandals in the Nevada State Assembly, known as the “Strippergate,” shook Las Vegas in 2003. In this stage-managed scandal, votes for an increase in tax were exchanged for strip club visits, football tickets, and money. Members of the Nevada State Assembly were offered bribes by owners of strip clubs in Las Vegas to vote against a tax increase on the City of Las Vegas to keep them paying back their debts to the government. The FBI investigation led to the conviction of several lawmakers linked to the scandal.

The Yearlong Cheating Scandal at The Lumiere Place Casino

More recently, in 2011, the Lumiere Place Casino in St. Louis faced a yearlong scandal involving a group of professional scam artists. The group engineered a systematic cheating scheme to make millions of dollars from the casino over the years. Players used small electronic devices placed on the edges of cards during the game, which allowed them to predict the next playing card to be dealt, and win bets at the table with 90% accuracy. They ended up winning more than $1 million before being caught and justice served.

The Record-Breaking Baccarat Cheating Scandal

A baccarat cheating scandal caught the world’s attention in 2013 when three professional gamblers conned casinos in London by cheating during games. They were famous high-stakes gamblers who had been granted exclusive entrance into private game rooms at major casinos. Cheats marked cards with invisible ink to indicate when to “squeeze” the cards in baccarat games, allowing them to win more than £3.5 million ($4.6 million) from casinos. However, their tactics were uncovered and made to face the law. Learn more about the topic in this external resource we’ve prepared for you. slot x500 Jamin maxwin!

Famous Casino Scandals and Controversies 2

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Famous Casino Scandals and Controversies
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